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The Association of Nutritional Medicine Practitioners, Malaysia
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There are five (5) categories of membership as follows:

(a) Affiliate Member

Members of public of good character aged 21 and above, who are interested in promoting the interests and aims of the Association. Affiliates carry no designatory letters/titles after their names and they are not entitled to vote on any decisions affecting the Association.

(b) Associate Member (ANMedP)

Students who on recognised training in nutritional medicine or nutritional therapy, who are aged 18 and above and who are interested in pursuing a career in nutritional medicine. Associate members have no voting rights and cannot hold any office.

(c) Graduate Member (GNMedP)

Students who have successfully completed all academic in nutritional medicine from local or JPA-recognised foreign universities but not the clinical requirements for full membership of the Association. Graduate members have no voting rights.

(d) Ordinary Member (MNMedP)

Those who have met all academic and clinical requirements to practise nutritional medicine. The academic programme completed shall be in accordance with curricula laid down by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division (T & CM) or the Traditional & Complementary Council (T &CC). Such clinical training to be supported by detailed cases treated shall be judged by the Membership Committee to be appropriate and of sufficiently high standards.

Ordinary membership is also opened to medical practitioners, conventional or otherwise, who are Board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), the Nutritional Medicine Certification Board or the Anti-Aging Medicine Certification Board of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, France. However, they may not called themselves ‘Nutritional Therapists’ unless they have completed all the examinations and clinical requirements for practising as determined by the curricula adopted by the T & CM or those of the T & CC.

(e) Fellow Member (FNMedP)

A senior grade of membership opened to practitioners with at least five (5) years of full-time practice in nutritional medicine and is considered by its Membership Committee to have made substantial contribution to the growth and/or reputation of the Association.
** Opportunity
a) Attached with organic health centre/ ie: Amway
b All supplements & traditional related