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The Association of Nutritional Medicine Practitioners, Malaysia

The Association of Nutritional Medicine Practitioners, Malaysia (ANMP) or Persatuan Pengamal Perubatan Nutrisi, Malaysia (PPPNM) which is registered under registration number 0974-10-WKL in accordance with Section 7, Societies Act, 1966, Malaysia, is a member of the Federation of Complementary and Natural Medical Association, Malaysia, a body recognised by the Traditional & Complementary Medicine Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

ANMP or PPPNM or the Association shall be a non-profit making body and its aims and objects shall be:

(a) to promote the professional development in nutritional medicine, nutritional therapy, orthomolecular medicine, chronic health disorder therapy or anti-aging health therapy;

(b) to develop the Association as the country’s leading professional body for nutritional therapists, orthomolecular medical therapists and anti-aging health practitioners; and

(c) to seek official recognition from the Traditional & Complementary Division, Ministry of Health or the Traditional & Complementary Medical Council for the issue of practising certificates to its qualified members.